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Remove Hyperlinks from Excel Export - Pivot Table

The new URL/HTML in the pivot cell is great, and really fills a gap that was there before. Now, the only issue we have is that when the pivot is exported to Excel, the hyperlink remains in the export, which points to a non-existent sheet and some javascript.

It would be great if on export any hyperlinks could be stripped out, but the formatting remains in place.

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  • Hi Kyle,

    My answer may arrive a bit late, but I am glad to announce that now Excel export files are stripped out of hyperlinks! 

  • Hi Pablo,

    I have a concat formula in a measure in my pivot table and have HTML checked on. I have HTML on because my Concat contians a '<br>' to create a page break. The formula is working perfectly on my dashboard. But when I export to excel, the html formatting is no longer applied.  You can see how it outputs the text <br>




  • Hi Brian. Please note that links are stripped only when  the  "Text is URL" option is selected. However, when you use the HTML option, the Export file will not render the HTML in the exported file: it will export the HTML tags. 

    I believe it would be a great idea to give the option of exporting the rendered HTML in the export file. Thanks for sharing your feedback! 

  • Hi Pablo, we have v2.12.5 and even when I have my measures set to Text is URL the exports still show the links instead of the numbers. Is there something else I need to do?

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