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Vizlib Advanced Text Object v1.5 released!

1. [#161049330]: add interactivity fullscreen/screenshot options to show/hide them

2. [#160449788]: Text object background

Added new extension background setting under Appearance > Background

1. [#161049366]: tooltip expression box not working in qs June'18

Tooltip > Settings > Content Text expression button was not showing up.

2. [#160291274]: quill editor overlaps property panel when object is positioned too close to the right

When the object was placed at the very right of the sheet, the smart editor dialog was overlapping the property panel.

3. [#160982820]: Doesn't fill "parent element" completely

3.1. [#157846518]: remove title and footer when disabled

Removed unused margin on the container when title and footer are disabled, so the text object have full height & width.

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