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Vizlib Filter v1.7.1 released!

1. [#161093860]: Added 'hide automatically' for the dropdown mode.

When this option is enabled, the dropdown will automatically hide when the focus is lost on the vizlib filter.

2. [#160985850]: Scroll top after selection option

Added interactivity setting to control whether we are scrolling to the top or not after applying a selection

1. [#160386316]: right click menu options don't work when in container

The context menu settings were not showing up when a Vizlib Filter was inside a container.

2. [#160558583]: when writing on the search box, mouse cursor goes at the bottom if you go too fast

Fixed minor issues on the position of the cursor in the search box.

3. [#161047532]: Scrollbar gets repositioned when dragging the scroll with the cursor.

The scroll was automatically jumping at the top when the scrollbar was dragged.

4. [#161047891]: Drag selection fix

Drag selection was not working in some scenarios

5. [#160982633]: Search box text was not cleared on dropdown mode after reopen.

When writing text on the search,  the dropdown closes automatically. And after reopen, and the text is still there.

6. [#160558464]: Filter flicks on render

In some scenarios, when the dimension had a lot of values, the entire filter was flicking after applying a selection - in dropdown mode.

7. [#161047497]: Hide Dropdown After Selection doesnt work in some scenarios

Vizlib Filter Documentation

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