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Vizlib Sankey Chart v1.2 released!

1. [#160561972]: add ability to sort individual dimension by expression/alpha/node size

When general sorting is disabled, we added more sorting option inside each dimension

2. [#160101335]: added custom pattern options in measure

Added option to add a custom mask for the number formatting within each measure.

1. [#160846243]: Alternative popup misaligned

When the sankey was resized, the alternative measure dialog was showing on the wrong place.

2. [#160603780]: Spelling Mistake in property panel

Fixed some typos in the property panel.

3. [#160538057]: Dimension title disappears

Dimension titles were disappearing in some scenarios after applying selections and interacting with the sankey.

4. [#161203732]: Dimension flicks after change

The dimension titles were flicking (and in some cases, moving to the center) after changing to a different alternative value.

5. [#161177416]: Dimension doesn't hide after show/hide condition

When a dimension is hidden via conditional show/hide, the dimension label stays even when the dimension is hidden.

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