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Vizlib KPI Designer v1.2.2 released!

1. [#161392934]: HTML tags style were not loaded in the tooltip

Style settings were not rendered properly into the tooltip HTML, ie:

<div style="display:flex !important; width:350px !important; text-align:left;">

Now this option is available, so the pic below can be achieved using html:

2. [#161391174]: tooltip was not evaluating expressions

The tooltip text was not evaluating Qlik expressions, but just taking literals.

3. [#161392999]: title tooltip on icon

When hovering icons we were displaying the actual font awesome description.

4. [#161394837]: removed min width on tooltips

Tooltip text had a min-width of 250, now it's dynamic up to 500px (unless overwritten via style html attributes).

5. [#161394940]: tooltip default text to 13px

Default tooltip content font size was too big (24px), updated to 13px.

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