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Vizlib Table v2.7 released!

1. [#161084088]: Support for Printing to PDF

Added support for Story Mode/Snapshot and PPT/PDF/Image export!

2. [#161205264]: on export don't export measures that are hidden

If a measure is hidden, it won't be exported to excel.

*Hidden dimensions are still exported - this will be corrected in upcoming releases when instead of show/hide condition a calculation condition will be used.

3. [#161509396]: Sorted column export

Before the dimensions were always placed first and then the measures. Now we export the same order we've got on the table. 

1. [#161261925]: progress bar with currency formatting generates two lines

When a custom format with a currency that contained a space was used, it was generating two lines on the cell.

2. [#160955564]: links in table should be relative

Representation type text with URL was not compatible with relative urls

3. [#161444138]: Title background colour in vizlib table does not evaluate expressions

Expressions were not evaluated for the custom title background and font color.

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