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Sankey chart - one dimension to control x axis?

Hey guys, question about the Sankey:

From what I understand, I have to add one dimension for each vertical segment I want in the Sankey. 

That is fine in many cases, but right now I would like to show from 2 to max 8 segments. While probably possible to do using variables, it would be so much easier if the first dimension controlled what's shown on the x axis, i.e. what vertical segments are shown.
Is that possible using your extension in its current state? I think not, but figured I'd ask.


Göran Sander

Ptarmigan Labs

  • Hey Göran,

    Thanks for your question. Could you perhaps share a screenshot or similar how you envisioned how one dimension is split across the x axis?

    Regarding showing the number of segments, you can use the conditional show functionality for each dimension to show/hide it based on Qlik expressions or variables. This way you can "expand" your Sankey Chart as you drill-down or as certain variable criterias are fullfilled.



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