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Set Analysis expression not working while selection applied through Vizlib Calendar


I have a requirement where the line chart has to filter on Store and Country dimensions while it should not filter on Date dimension as we are showing last 1 year trend in a line chart. I was trying a lot and could not get it work. Surprise here is it works fine when Date filter type used is a normal filter. We have made use of Vizlib Calendar for Date filter and is not working while selections are made through Vizlib Calendar. Please someone help here to understand what is the actual issue or is it a bug.

My expression is as below:

Avg({<[Date]=>} Rating)

  • Hi,


    I checked the selections are being made on the data model, can see selections on the top. But in my line chart also the selections are applied which should not as I have used set analysis expression.

    And the weirdpart is: if I use Avg({<Date=> Rating} then selections are applied on line chart, can see in x axis showing data for selected time period. However, if I use Avg(1{<Date=> Rating}, then the data points are highlighted for the selected time period but in x axis I see other months as well (all grey trend lines). Attaching the screen shot.

    Please help as this is one of the high priority requirement that needs to be delivered.

    (93.5 KB)
  • Hi,

    we've seen similar behaviour at a client's site. Selecting dates through Vizlib Calendar date picker broke  Set Analysis done on that field. Would be nice to have this fixed or a workaround suggested.


  • OK I did some more testing. What I noticed in your screenshot is that you use a calculation in the Dimension definition ("=Date(Date)"), which is what our client did. After removing the calculation (i.e. only using Date as dimension) Set analysis works normally.

  • Hi,

    ignoring the selections of a field not working in set analysis if the dimension is calculated. My dimension is inline table, so i am also got the same issue. please let me know if there is any solution for this.

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