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KPI Design - Auto Number formatting (billions, millions etc)

What we're doing:

We use the Vizlib KPI everywhere, even with large numbers like advertising impressions, which are in the billions!

Challenge we face: 

We want to amplify our most important metrics but it is hard to do this with 12 or 14 digit numbers in a small space. Ideally, below, we would show 123.4 Billion instead of the really long number. This way, we can use a fixed font size, which keeps the designers happy ;) 


Please could we see some auto formatting in the vizlib KPI?

k = 1000

m= 1,000,000

b = 1,000,000,000

etc... (probably symbols for decimals for those that may be interested?)

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  • We have released a new version of the Vizlib KPI today, version 1.4. This version has customisable numerical abbreviations for the number format

    The changelog is here here 

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