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KPI Design - Auto Number formatting (billions, millions etc)

What we're doing:

We use the Vizlib KPI everywhere, even with large numbers like advertising impressions, which are in the billions!

Challenge we face: 

We want to amplify our most important metrics but it is hard to do this with 12 or 14 digit numbers in a small space. Ideally, below, we would show 123.4 Billion instead of the really long number. This way, we can use a fixed font size, which keeps the designers happy ;) 


Please could we see some auto formatting in the vizlib KPI?

k = 1000

m= 1,000,000

b = 1,000,000,000

etc... (probably symbols for decimals for those that may be interested?)

  • Hi Piers,

    We do have already an auto formatting in place, but this uses the standard SI prefixes 

    You can overwrite this creating your own function (variable) in QS and use your own custom formatting when using text only.

    We'll be making this easier on the future, please bear with us.



  • Hi Piers,

    The auto SI is via the dropdown, and as I mentioned earlier, you cannot have your custom SI via that dropdown, we use the standard one.

    However, you could create a custom num format variable, and do the following:


    Dual(Num($1/Pow(10,3*Div(Log10($1),3)),'#,##0.#')&' '&Pick(Div(Log10($1),3),'K','Mil','Bil','Tril'),$1)

    I hope this helps,


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