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Vizlib Table v2.8 released!

1. [#161581662]: Field calculation condition (>=QS June'18)

Implemented a calculation condition on the table 'show if'.

When this condition is false (0), the column will not be evaluated on the engine, so we encourage to migrate visibility condition to this new setting as it's more efficient.

It is important to highlight that we also have a visibility condition, which has been deprecated. The visibility condition gets evaluated and only hides the column on the table.

Also, this feature it's only available for QS June'18 and up, due to a known bug on the Qlik engine that prevents this feature to be fully working: QLIK-86492.

On previous versions of QS we'll still maintain the visibility condition (and hide this new setting) so a similar functionality can be maintained.

2. [#161838742]: hide non visible columns on the data export (>=QS June'18)

Similarly on the previous point, when a 'show if'/calc. condition it is used, the hidden column it is not shown on the data export.

3. [#161838844]: keep column order on data export

Now when exporting the data to excel, we keep the column order. Before, we were showing dimensions first and then measures.

4. [#161778621]: add calc condition (data handling) expression message

Improved data handling calc. condition message where expressions can be used for the 'Displayed message' - this option needs a recreation of the table [create from scratch] in order to be effective.

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