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Vizlib Pivot Table v1.4.1 released! [Hot fix]

[!] Important 

We temporarily de-activated the version v1.5 of the Vizlib Pivot Table due to some issues that this version has caused around selections/collapsable items and data consistency.

We released this v1.4.1 as a hot fix that includes the bugs corrected in v1.5 to keep the consistency on already resolved issues.

We'll be launching a new version in the next coming days with printing support after the previous defects are fully corrected and stable.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!

Vizlib Team

1. [#161415693, #161446933]: Some rows are empty in export

When exporting the pivot table some rows where not rendered properly.

2. [#160231935, #161512102]: scrollbar not working on iPad

Scrollbars were not working on iPad and the user couldn't navigate on the pivot.

3. [#161879508]: Pivot Table format export to Excel not working

Formatted export was not working in some scenarios.

4. [#161991525]: printing ppt regression due to data inconsistency

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