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Vizlib Bar Chart v1.8 released!

1. [#162604302]: Add support for as many bar chart measures as possible (100)

Added the option to have more measures (only when 1 dimension it's used).

1. [#161144307, #162728236]: Accumulate values engine Error

Changed measure accumulate value checkbox for dropdown.

When accumulating values, in some scenarios the following error is returned by the engine:

* This still seems to be happening for some versions of QS, update to latest patch it's recommended.

2. [#159953062]: Corrected unexpected behaviours when calc condition =0

When the 1st measure had a false calc. condition, the bar chart was not rendering properly in some situations.

3. [#159928795]: fixes. on num formatting

4. [#162728245]: calc cond. not evaluating expression

The label of the calculation condition was not getting evaluated as an expression.

5. [#161307815]: values position on the inside it places the values in the middle of the axis

Implemented a 'smart' hide data values when placed inside bars.

6. [#161085289]: tooltip is sometimes displayed outside the screen

When the tooltip was at the edge of the screen it was getting cut by the browser window.

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