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Vizlib Table v3.0.0 released!

* The Bulletchart example app has been updated with 1) and 2)

1. [#162699927]: Added actions on columns

We can now perform actions, defined per column (both measures and dimensions) so when the user clicks into a cell (and apply a selection if not in read only mode) an array of action is executed, ie: navigate to another sheet.

2. [#162305140]: add custom tooltips in cell level with HTML support per column

Added a new feature on a column level (both dimensions and measures) to have custom cell tooltips with HTML support:

3. [#157367612, #157847717]: Tooltip value on progress bar and cells

We are now showing a native tooltip on all cells and the progress bar on hover over.

4. [#162704497, #162700070]: Improvements on property panel UX

Added separators between sections within the property panel.

5. [#162738706]: add custom totals color and position

We can now control the thickness and border color of the totals separately

6. [#162738713]: add row border thickness per column

Added ability to customise per column (measure&dimension) the row thickness

1. [#161214406]: trend graphs position was changing after resizing browser window or scrolling

In some scenarios, the trend graph was aligning to the left after scrolling.

2. [#162603258]: Title Color & Background color doesn't accept expressions or variables.

Some color fields where only supporting HTML colors but not expressions.

3. [#162393438]: Vizlib Table does not size to Data and does not display borders

Corrected issue with size to data.

4. [#162407705, #162578337]: Sometimes the total row get disappear.

In some scenarios (size to data) when the totals were placed at the bottom were not fully visible.

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