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Vizlib Pivot Table v1.6 released!

1. [#160955644]: added options to control the orientation of the columns

Added feature to control the orientation of the columns: Horizontal/Vertical

2. [#162717372]: be able to control column height when dimension is on the top

Now we can individually, per column, control the height of the top dimensions.

1. [#161778633]: calc cond.  message not evaluated

When the calculation condition (data handling) was false, the message was not evaluated as an expression.

2. [#162452467]: Hidden columns when indent row = no

When the pivot table was set to indent row to no, in some scenarios the left column was being hidden if a calculation condition of a dimension was set to false in between.

3. [#162413020]: Fullscreen button not fully expanding

Resolved issue around the rendering of the Pivot Table in fullscreen mode.

 Vizlib Pivot Table Documentation

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