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Vizlib Filter v2.0 released!

1. [#162663131] : Big performance improvements

Big performance improvements around fields with a lot of dimension values.

2. [#160669380]: support HTML in dropdown title, for full styling control

The dropdown label now supports HTML

3. [#162789707]: Ability to control the position of the dropdown

Added custom popup position for dropdown mode in (Settings > Popup position) to control where the orientation of dropdown popup 

1. [#161177517]: Corrected issues with default selection in story mode

Default selection was making the filter not to render properly in stories mode

2. [#161778633]: calc cond expression message not applied

When the calc condition was false, the message was not evaluated as an expression but as an string only.

4. [#160558671]: Corrected issues with the searchbox

When applying selections using the native search box (ctrl + f) in the top header, selections didn't seem to get reflected on the table (they did when changing sheet and come back).

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