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Vizlib Line Chart v2.3 released!

1. [#162639423, #162893406]: Added more options to position the data values

Added auto, fixed and adjusted position for the data values

2. [#162893294]: added date time format & improved auto formatting

Improved the auto formatting SI styling so it inherits the native Qlik's number formatting (not num. abbreviation).

1. [#161778633]: calc cond expression message not applied

When calc condition from data handling was false, the message was not evaluated as an expression.

2. [#162168494]: linechart default format auto makes extension not render

Some format was making the extension not to render.

3. [#162581538]: data points are directly on the line instead of slightly above the line and it makes it very difficult to read

This has been corrected with #162639423

 Vizlib Line Chart Documentation

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