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Vizlib Scatter Chart v2.6 released!

1. [#162894087]: Performance improvements

Several performance improvements around the scatter and the times it gets re-render on page load and after receiving events.

2. [#162234034, #162445144]: hide labels when data point is on the axis

Labels are auto hidden when close to the axis in order to prevent overlaps and have a cleaner canvas.

3. [#162581489]: improved avoid label overlap

Improved algorithm used for the data value overlap.

1. [#161083318]: Axis labels are missing

Axis labels are missing in some scenarios.

2. [#159802894]: Scatter Plot - zoom y axis not working

Corrected edge cases around interactive axis bounds.

3. [#161716033, #162442799, #162506225]: Corrected console errors

Corrected console log errors.

4. [#162451490, #162091226]: axis titles are getting cut

Titles were getting cut in some scenarios.

5. [#162451384]: errors with scatter + heatmap

Corrected conflict between Vizlib Scatter Chart and Vizlib Heatmap that was causing some console errors and some unexpected behaviours.

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