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Vizlib Pivot Table v1.7 released!

1. [VZB-193]: Added support for custom HTML tooltips for dimensions & measures

Added new tooltip section within each dimension and measure (data section), so the tooltip can be customised or set to auto (cell value)


2. [VSP-131]: Support for Qlik's RGB() and ColorMix() functions for cell background

Added support for native Qlik coloring functions so a heatmap-like pivot can be created using colormix functions, ie:

expression used: =ColorMix1( rank(total count(distinct [Customer Number]))/noofrows(TOTAL) , rgb(255,0,0), rgb(0,255,0))

3. [VZB-241]: Several performance improvements

  • Reduced initial load dependencies on first load.

  • No need to confirm changes after creating the pivot table - An 'Apply Changes' message was shown right after creating the pivot table.

  • Reuse the same internal module dependencies to prevent multiple bootstrap of the same component when there are multiple pivot tables on the sheet.

  • Set minimum column width to 50px to avoid large number of columns displayed at the same one time in pivot (scroll will be shown).

1. [VSP-147]: Dimensions with visibility conditions were not showing all fields

In some scenarios when the visibility condition was used some columns and dimension definitions were not visible on the header.

2. [VZB-375]: Some columns don't have consistent width during formatted Excel export

When format export to excel the non-visible columns didn't have the right width.

3. [VZB-239]: Duplicate measures in measure/dimensions selector dialog

When canceling the dialog and after dragging again measures, a duplicate was generated on the measures list.

4. [VZB-250]: Export Formatted data to excel was not working in some scenarios

When having multiple pivot tables on the same sheet sometimes the format export was not working.

5. [VZB-240]: Option to move measure into alternative in dialog is missing

When there are no alternative measures and alternative dimensions in dialog left panel is not visible there was no option to move the measure from selected to the alternative list.

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