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Vizlib Sheet Menu v1.1 released!

1. [VZB-204]: Breadcrumbs should have 3 mods

Added Breadcrumbs feature.

Sheet Title Breadcrumbs:

Enabling Sheet Title Breadcrumbs:

Top Menu Breadcrumbs:

Enabling Top Menu Breadcrumbs:

1. [VZB-490]: issue on native text object editor when sheet menu is present

There was a conflict between the KPI Designer and the native Text object inline text editor that caused the following behaviour in edit mode when the two of them where loaded on the same sheet:

2. [VZB-387]: Changing custom title in top menu 

Input box to edit custom title was previously missing.

3. [VZB-423]: An error occurs if you put expression without an apostrophe in the action field

Error occurred when expression used without apostrophe .

4. [VZB-422]: Cannot read property 'editModeSettings' of undefined

Produces error in the console and menu wizard appears to be empty.

5. [VZB-414]: Some Actions Not Working (from sidemenu)

Some actions in the side menu were not working as normal.

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