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Vizlib Table v3.1 released!

1. [VSP-101]: Added vertical cell alignment 

Added vertical cell alignment for Dimensions & measures on the data section.

1. [VSP-151]:  Wrong totals when data limit on first dimension was used

Corrected approach how the totals were calculated when the 1st dimension had a data limit (before it was ranking by distinct value).

2. [VSP-96]: Horizontal scrollbar, even though there is enough place room for all rows

The scroll bar was being displayed even though there was enough space to render all the content.

3. [VSP-164]: Table does not take up space correctly

Corrected bug on the scroll bar that was not calculating properly the hight of the component when a few rows were available.

4. [VSP-158]: the export sorting is working only if there are no conditionally hidden columns.

In some scenarios (objects created with old version of the vzb Table) when exporting to excel the rows were not sorted properly.

* This fix requires recreating the object from scratch to work correctly.

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