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Vizlib Bar Chart v1.9 released!

1. [VZB-286]: Added icons, symbols for legend

The Vizlib Bar Chart legend now displays a more accurate legend, ready for symbols & icons

2. [VZB-444]: Add data points shape for legend

The Vizlib Bar Chart legend now displays a more accurate legend, ready for symbols & icons

1. [VZB-509]: Minichart renders incorrectly when switching orientation

Minichart was not displaying correctly when changing from landscape to vertical and vice versa

2. [VZB-507]: Minichart is missing in MS edge

Minichart was not displayin in Microsoft Edge

3. [VZB-505]: Bug in MS edge where legend appears on top of minichart

Legend was overlapping the minichart/scroll preview in Edge

4. [VZB-581]: Incorrect value in tooltip if benchmark is applied

Tooltip was displaying a value that was not associated with the benchmark

5. [VZB-318]: Legend alignment with gradient not working

Issues around position and alignment of gradient legend

6. [VZB-578]: Missing settings in reference for benchmark

Missing settings for reference for benchmarking

7. [VZB-560]: Visual errors produced on property panel change

When settings are changed, extra boxes are shown in chart

8. [VZB-556]: Bar chart preview is incorrect

Groups were not showing in scroll preview

9. [VZB-557]: Benchmark width doesn't work in horizontal

Benchmark bar width setting was not working in horizontal orientation mode

10. [VZB-562]: There is no possibility to have symbols and icons separately

Symbols were appearing as the most recently selected icon

11. [VZB-575]: Different standard for opacity

Fixed errors when opacity was being used, visual improvements made

12. [VZB-577]: Underline for dimensions/ measures label doesn't work

Underlining labels was not working

13. [VZB-579]: Tooltip sometimes appears at top left corner

Tooltip placement was not accurate, now display above mouse pointer

14. [VSP-159]: Bar Chart Slider disappears when click outside slider

Scroll preview slider not appearing

15. [VSP-152]: Bar chart legend order not working properly

Bar chart legend not in correct order

16. [VZB-376]: Alternate State is not saved when Qlik Sense is reloaded.

Alternate stat not saving after reload

17. [VSP-167]: Alternate popup dimension selection fails when secondary axis used

Cannot select alternate dimension when secondary axis is in use

18. [VSP-168]: Rendering fails when measure switched to secondary axis

Rendering issues when switching measure between axis

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