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Line Chart - Enable use of Master Measure / Library Color as option to custom color individual lines and data point symbols

Attached screenshot of default line chart capability to use library colors from the measure and how the master measure is setup with a default color.

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  • I'd like this problem to be solved also in the combo chart. When selecting colors = auto option, the library colors are not used as happens in native QS objects. 

  • Yes, this is a must and a deal breaker to using the VizLib line chart
  • Hi All,

    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that this is a feature that is in great demand. We have written an article below which we will update as we progress with support for Qlik themes and library colours. Support for themes is on our roadmap 



  • We need this for the Pie Chart as well.  Was going to submit a ticket for not being able to use the "Color by Dimension" option for the Pie Charts, but then I saw this item.  Color by Dimension can only reference an expression and not master dimensions. 

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