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[Table] Allow users to disable Selections in Measures (per measure)

Usecase - in a table I have a measure column with a link (as html-parsed string).

When a user clicks on a link the table gets filtered which is not necessarily the wanted behavior (for example when the user wants to review all accounts, link by link).

However, it should be a setting per column and not global (so it can be applied only on specific columns).

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  • Hi Tal,

    As mentioned here:

    We're looking into this. This specific request refers to having this per measure, this is not something that we have considered yet. Could you describe the business value for you, if we implemented this setting per measure?

    Having so many settings per measure can be overwhelming for some users, which we are conscious of and taking a more reserved approach to adding new measure-level settings

  • I have a column with the account name and various icons for different external systems that open new tabs.

    Since only measures can be parsed as HTML, I must use a measure for it and compile an HTML in a formula - something like this:



    ='<span>'&ACCOUNT_NAME&'<a href="'&ACCOUNT_URL1&'" target="_blank"><img src="icon1l"></a><a href="'&ACCOUNT_URL2&'" target="_blank"><img src="icon2"></a></span>'

    When the user clicks the links, I don't want the table to get filtered, because he will leave Qlik to another system (as intended).

    I still want, however, that the table will be interactive.

    hope that clarifies.

  • Regarding the overwhelming number of settings - maybe hide many of them under "advanced settings"?

  • Thanks for your suggestion Tal - we tried this (with the Vizlib Calendar), however, came to realise that by hiding settings into an advanced tab, they will become overlooked.

    Instead, we are working on a search functionality which will help you filter property panel settings more conveniently.

  • Note that I won't have this problem in the first place if I could render a dimension as HTML - 

    If it was possible, I would have compiled the html code in a script and also the performance should be better in the front-end.

  • Agree with Tal. After reading the community posts, options seem to be:

    1) Allow a user to render HTML in a dimension instead of a measure (or both), which would give a user the ability to disable selections on the dimension.

    2) Allow users to disable selection(s) on a measure. It is not productive for our users to click an HTML image and then have all downstream columns added to the breadcrumbs. 

    Putting the entire table to 'Read Only' is also not productive as we require various dimensions to be selectable.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Any update regarding this setting?

  • Ah, I see it was released on v3.14

    [LIB-3535]: Disable Selections In Measure


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