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Download as Data dialog

 This isn't strictly a feature request, but.. when using the Download as Data option from a Vizlib table or pivot table, the ensuing dialog provides a download link and the dialog has an "OK" button which just closes the window without doing anything or downloading the file.  This is confusing to users as they just click "OK" expecting to get their file, but nothing happens.

The native Qlik Sense dialog for Export as Data does not have an "OK" button - it has a "Close" button, which is somewhat less confusing. The text is also justified to the left, leading the eye away from the button which is in the bottom right corner (for Vizlib, the text is justified to the middle).

The Vizlib Pivot "Export Formatted Data" option does not use this dialog at all - it just downloads the file without prompting the user. This is actually better since it doesn't require an extra step to get the file, so I think it would be best if this was the behavior for data export as well.

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  • Hi Or!

    This is now on our roadmap as VSP-481



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  •  Good to know! How does one access the road map to see where each feature stands?



  • Hi Or,

    During our monthly webinar, we do share some of our roadmap, this is available on our YouTube channel (usually shown at the beginning and/or end of the video)

    Our full road map is internal but feature requests do have a status and can be checked and followed in the community



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