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Vizlib KPI Designer v1.4 released!

1. [VSP-254]: Number formatting, use QLIK SI notation (billions, millions etc)

Number formatting abbreviations are now reading from the Qlik variable "NumericalAbbreviation". This feature requires Qlik Sense April 2018 or a more recent version of Qlik Sense.

This means you can now synchronise your number formats and show B for billions, instead of G (for Giga).

2. [VSP-253]: "Auto" Number format setting compatible with custom negative values

There is now an option to customise negative values as part of the Auto number formatting setting

3. [VZB-200] : Performance optimisations in edit mode when there are lots of layers (30+)

Performance has been improved during edit mode, there is now a shorter delay when editing between layers

4. [VSP-215]: Allow an expression to be used in the calculation condition display message

Expressions can now be used in calculation condition messages

1. [VZB-618]: Reduce number of decimal places shown in default setting

Default settings updated for Gauge inside the Vizlib KPI

2. [VSP-264]: Vizlib Action - Data not saved after user-triggered reload

User-initiated reloads (triggered using Vizlib Actions) were not being saved automatically when triggered, this has been fixed.

3. [VSP-186]: Line Layer - Line Style is not applied

The line style was being applied incorrectly

4. [VSP-261]: Empty space above KPI Area when on Sense Focus

Space for title remained on screen, when no title was selected, when Sense Focus them was applied

5. [VZB-474]: Tooltip not hiding after moving to a different page via button

Tooltips remained in view if a sheet change was changed via a button

6. [VZB-619]: Large border thickness places gauge layer values outside the object

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