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Vizlib KPI Designer v1.4 released!

1. [VSP-254]: Number formatting, use QLIK SI notation (billions, millions etc)

Number formatting abbreviations are now reading from the Qlik variable "NumericalAbbreviation".

This means you can now synchronise your number formats and show B for billions, instead of G (for Giga).

2. [VSP-253]: "Auto" Number format setting compatible with custom negative values

There is now an option to customise negative values as part of the Auto number formatting setting

3. [VZB-200] : Performance optimisations in edit mode when there are lots of layers (30+)

Performance has been improved during edit mode, there is now a shorter delay when editing between layers

4. [VSP-215]: Allow an expression to be used in the calculation condition display message

Expressions can now be used in calculation condition messages

1. [VZB-618]: Reduce number of decimal places shown in default setting

Default settings updated for Gauge inside the Vizlib KPI

2. [VSP-264]: Vizlib Action - Data not saved after user-triggered reload

User-initiated reloads (triggered using Vizlib Actions) were not being saved automatically when triggered, this has been fixed.

3. [VSP-186]: Line Layer - Line Style is not applied

The line style was being applied incorrectly

4. [VSP-261]: Empty space above KPI Area when on Sense Focus

Space for title remained on screen, when no title was selected, when Sense Focus them was applied

5. [VZB-474]: Tooltip not hiding after moving to a different page via button

Tooltips remained in view if a sheet change was changed via a button

6. [VZB-619]: Large border thickness places gauge layer values outside the object

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