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Defaults set when, and only when, the application is opened

There is a need applications to have default selections when opened, but at no other time (current functionality for 'on open' changes to defaults when navigating between sheets). 

As an example, when opening a Financial application, the default would be the last closed month/year.  As the user navigates between sheets and through selections, the defaults will never be set again, but the initial viewing/opening of the application should be standard.

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  • Hi Joseph,

    You can set default selections with the current Vizlib filter by doing the following:

    1. Create a variables.qvs file in Notepad and define your variable, example:

                let vSelectionYTD = 'May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec,Jan'

    2. In the data load script load the variables.qvs file, example:

              $(Include=[lib://Financial App/variables.qvs]);


    3. In the Vizlib filter object, go to "Interactivity", scroll down to "Default Selections" and make sure it's Enabled, then in "Dimensions Value(s), comma separate" write:



     4. Load the data in the dashboard and you are all set! The next time you have to change your default selections, you just open the variables.qvs file in Notepad, change the values and reload the data.


    Let me know if any questions.



  • Thanks, but there is no option in the vizlib filter that allows for defaults to be selected on application open.  Current options are 'when cleared' and 'when sheet(s) open'.

  • Hi Joseph,

    Make sure that 'Set Default(s) to open" is not selected (as shown below). That way the filter will use the default selection on app open, but will accept other selections when navigating between the sheets. 

    I've been using this method in my Finance Dashboard app w/o any issues.


  • Hi,

    I have the same problem. "Set Default(s) when cleared" is not sufficient. It does not always select the default value when you open the app. The default value will be selected first when you make a refresh after opening the app.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi, as mentioned in my previous reply "Set Default(s) to open" must not be selected in order for this to work.

  • Hi,

    I have selected only "Set Default(s) when cleared", but it does not work always when opening the app. 

  • Right, because this sets the defaults when cleared, which is not the desired result.  In addition to not always setting 'on open', this will set defaults 'on clear'.  In this case, we would like the user to be able to clear selections without the defaults being selected.  The desired outcome is for defaults to be selected 'on open', and only 'on open'.

    This functionality does not exist in the vizlib filter.  However, we have found that using default bookmarks, if on a version of Sense that supports this functionality, provides satisfactory results. 

  • This is interesting. It works for me every time with the configuration shown on the screenshot. I have Qlik Sense Enterprise September-2018 Patch 2 with Vizlib Filter 2.1.

  • The problem is not with the pictured functionality working, but that it does not solve the problem.  Defaults should be selected on application open and only on application open.

    The solution pictured, 'set defaults when cleared', sets the defaults when cleared.  We would like the user to be able to clear selections without defaults being set.  The defaults should only be set once, on application open.

  • Yes, agree. In my case the only reason the defaults are selected on app open is because "Set default(s) when cleared" is also selected. But this is how my users wanted it to work for them.

  • For me, it doesn't work on app open without a bookmark.

  • Hi All

    We're thinking of adding to the Vizlib Sheet Menu since it makes more sense to do, given that the Vizlib Sheet Menu (under normal use) appears on every sheet. For an "on app open" function, we would require an object to be present on all sheets



  • Hi,

    at least our common use case is that we have a basic filter (like company) that appears on every sheet, and when you enter the application, one of the values should be automatically selected from that filter.

    If added to the sheet menu, it should be a global action so that the field gets selected only when opening the application, not sheet specific action.



  • Hi IItu, Joseph, Kiril

    We'll mark this one as planned - we'll start with a feasibility exercise where we will understand:

    • if/how this is possible
    • maintains the existing functionality of the Vizlib Filter
    • maintains existing functionality within Qlik Selections
    • maintains existing functionality with our other extensions and Vizlib Actions

    I think this could be a really exciting one to do - please bear in mind that the current methods in the Qlik APIs allow us to make a selection after the full data model is loaded by Qlik, therefore at this point in time, will cause the initial calculation, then the reduced calculation driven by the selection

    Our internal ID for this is VSP-518



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