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Vizlib Filter - Defaults set when, and only when, the application is opened

There is a need applications to have default selections when opened, but at no other time (current functionality for 'on open' changes to defaults when navigating between sheets). 

As an example, when opening a Financial application, the default would be the last closed month/year.  As the user navigates between sheets and through selections, the defaults will never be set again, but the initial viewing/opening of the application should be standard.

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  • Hi Joseph,

    You can set default selections with the current Vizlib filter by doing the following:

    1. Create a variables.qvs file in Notepad and define your variable, example:

                let vSelectionYTD = 'May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec,Jan'

    2. In the data load script load the variables.qvs file, example:

              $(Include=[lib://Financial App/variables.qvs]);


    3. In the Vizlib filter object, go to "Interactivity", scroll down to "Default Selections" and make sure it's Enabled, then in "Dimensions Value(s), comma separate" write:



     4. Load the data in the dashboard and you are all set! The next time you have to change your default selections, you just open the variables.qvs file in Notepad, change the values and reload the data.


    Let me know if any questions.



  • Thanks, but there is no option in the vizlib filter that allows for defaults to be selected on application open.  Current options are 'when cleared' and 'when sheet(s) open'.

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