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Vizlib Calendar - Support of variables in formular editor

Dear Vizlib Team,

to understand our need I should emphasize the way we develop our QS apps: All the dimensions are stored in variables to allow exchanging them later by just changing a config file. I.e. when creating a diagram/table/filter pane we enter something like "=$(vMyDimension)" in the formular editor (vMyDimension storing the actual name of the dimension). 

The Vizlib calendar extension is exactly what we were looking for a long time. Unfortunately it does not support this way of entering dimensions. Thus we cannot use it for our purposes. 

A lot of other Vizlib extensions (scatter plot, sankey chart, bar chart, table, filter pane) support this way of adding dimensions. It would be amazing if the calendar did as well.

Happy to hear your thoughts on this request.



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  • Hi, are there any news on this feature request? In the latest version that is currently available (1.7.1) it is still not possible...



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