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Vizlib Sheet Menu v1.4 released!

1. [VZB-383]: Support hidden object for Sheet Menu (Hide Object from Canvas)

The object on the sheet can be hidden to ensure it does not take up unnecessary space

The icon below can be clicked on to open the property panel once the object is hidden

2. [VSP-343]: Vizlib Sheet Menu - Mobile Compatibility

The sheet menu works very well on your smaller-screened devices. Try now by resizing your browser (once resized please reload for optimised mobile assets). Working well on Android & iOS.

3. [VSP-344]: Sheet Menu Mobile - Change page by swiping

Swiping between pages is enabled by default in mobile mode, optional in desktop mode (works on touchscreen devices including but not limited to laptops and tablets)

4. [VZB-792]: Add "Developer Mode" to Sheet Menu

Developer mode allows all icons to be visible whilst in edit mode

1. [VSP-304]: Image library doesn't take virtual proxy into account

Images will now load regardless of virtual proxy

 Vizlib Sheet Menu Documentation  

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