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Navigation Bar - suggested updates

Ability to: 

1. Add custom buttons to groups in top and side menu 

2. Add master items to top menu and groups

3. Auto burger / menu option when in mobile mode / when the screen is too small for the number of tabs (Martin M has developed this before externally to vizlib)

  • Hi Philip!

    A few updates on the latest version (1.6.0) of the Vizlib Sheet Menu:

    1. What would you like the buttons to do? Customization is possible and link to Vizlib Actions
    2. This one could be quite complex - what master items did you have in mind and how would you use them?
    3. This is done in version 1.6.0 



  • Hi Pier, thanks for this!

    On point 2. The same functionality to add master items already exists in the side menu. Rolling out this same fuctionality to the top menu is what I would like adding.


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