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Vizlib Filter v2.2 released!

1. [VZB-854]: Vizlib Filter performance improvement by data paging

Performance improvements have been made where larger data sets are in use with the Vizlib Filter

Benefits can be experienced only in newly created objects. Please re-create older Vizlib Filters from scratch to experience improved performance

1. [VSP-402]: Double borders in Vizlib Filter

Double borders were visible inside the Vizlib Filter

2. [VSP-400]: Compact Filter does not use custom title (responsive filter can now be styled using dropdown styling)

Compact Filter/Dropdown has been updated to support custom styling on the title

4. [VSP-352]: Default Selection is not reading Alternate State

Default selection now reads alternate states

5. [VSP-387]: Default Selections on filter not being applied correctly

Default selections now being applied correctly

Known Limitations:

Extra space is added to the Vizlib Filter when using the Qlik Sense Focus theme, a solution to this is coming soon

 Vizlib Filter Documentation  

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