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Vizlib Bar Chart v1.11 released!

1. [VSP-248]: Support for custom numerical abbreviations

Number formatting abbreviations are now reading from the Qlik variable "NumericalAbbreviation".

This means you can now synchronise your number formats and show B for billions, instead of G (for Giga).

1. [VSP-359]: Dimension Axis label not visible in IE

The dimension Axis in IE was hidden behind other layers within the object

2. [VSP-382]: Vizlib Bar Chart missing data on last bar when stacked

Stacked bars were not rendering the last portion of data

3. [VSP-397]: Bar Chart data values coloring not applied

Custom colours for data value were not being applied

4. [VSP-355]: Vizlib Bar Chart radius issues

bar radius not applied to all bars (when stacked)

5. [VSP-394]: Bar chart "line" marker does not work in group mode

Line marker not displaying when in group mode

6. [VSP-385]: Bar tooltip does not work when custom bar colour is in use

Tooltip not working when custom colour is in use

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