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Pivot Table - Text wrap and Ellipsis auto transiation

in a pivot table currently you need to choose between Text Warp or Ellipsis , but it make sense that if i there is a place then automatically text will be wrapped and only if the isn't enough space in the cell it will be handled as Ellipsis

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  • Hi Liron!

    Thanks for sharing this feature in our community, we've added this to our road map, our internal ID to track this is VSP-517.

    I think that adding a third option here would be suitable, "Auto Fit" or "Fit to cell". The text would wrap first and fill the cell, if there is more text to show and the cell is full, ellipses will be shown.

    If the cell is “5 lines tall”, the text should show like the image below. We'll see if this is possible to add in

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  • Hi Liron,

    This feature was implemented as part of the Vizlib Pivot table 2.7.0 update

    Release notes: 

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