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Vizlib Calendar v1.4.6 released!

1. [VSP-420]: Calendar default selection stopped working on recent version

Default selections stopped working in some cases

2. [VSP-447]: Older pre v1.4.2 calendars requires customers to re-create objects

Older versions of the Vizlib Calendar were not working after updating to newer versions

3. [VSP-448]: "Show selected dates" functionality missing from recent versions

Now back in and working as normal

 Vizlib Calendar Documentation  

  •  Looking forward to testing this shortly, but quick comment regarding the download - downloading the Premise version of 1.4.6 downloaded a file called Vizlib (with no extension) rather than the standard naming convention. I renamed the file and I assume it will work correctly, just wanted to point this out.

  • Hi Or,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We changed the naming on the .zip file (where we have spaces in it now) for both online and onpremise, you should have received: 


    If that's not the case, please, reach out to us at and we'll investigate the issue.



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