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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.1.0 released!

1. [VZB-1260]: Implement in-cell selections

Making selections by clicking inside cells (by selecting intersections of dimensional values, row/column)

1. [VSP-506]: Flickering calculation condition message

Some minor flickering on first render was shown in the calculation condition from older configurations of existing objects

2. [VZB-1230], [VZB-1231]: Qlik Sense April 2019 Support

Show/Hide Snapshot & Fullscreen not working

Context menu (right click) not showing up

 Vizlib Pivot Table Documentation  

  •  [VZB-1260]: Implement in-cell selections

    This works beautifully - has an on-off toggle so we can decide where to use it, responds quickly, and most important of all - responds correctly to the "Step back" button so if someone clicks by accident, they can easily go back to the previous selection context (unlike the table version where selections had to be undone one at a time).  Great job!

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