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Vizlib "Single" calendar should respect CTRL+Click or allow "One only" setting

 Currently, Vizlib "Single" calendar actually allows selections of multiple values rather than a single value. This is fine, as there are use cases that require the ability to select multiple single dates. However, many use cases require the ability to select a single specific date selection. This can be achieved using "Always one selected" at the field value, but that comes with its own set of disadvantages (must have a default selection, for example).

To allow for this use case, we would like Vizlib Calendar (Single) objects to respect CTRL+Click as "Replace selection" in the same manner as regular filters do.  Alternative solution sto the same issue would be to have a Calendar object of type "Single Value" in addition to the existing "Single" and "Range", which forces the selection of one value at a time and replaces the existing selection if a new value is selected; or a setting within the calendar to toggle "One selection only" on/off when working in Single mode.


  • Hi Or!

    This works without needing to apply an initial date for selection, have you given this a try? It is working for me on Vizlib Calendar 1.4.7

  •  Thanks, Piers - this does seem to work. I never would have thought to look for "Always one selected value" under "Initial Selection(Experimental), though. Good thing you pointed it out.

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