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Vizlib Bar Chart v1.12.0 released!

1. [VZB-1363]: Add show values feature for icons and symbols

Values can now be shown for icons and symbol representation types

1. [VSP-520], [VSP-473 : Some Bar chart data values appear outside object area

Some data values appeared beyond the edge of the object

2. [VSP-452]: Scroll for legend not working on mobile

Legend scroll was not working in touch/mobile mode

3. [VZB-1225], [VSP-509] : Qlik Sense April 2019 Support

Show/Hide Snapshot & Fullscreen not working

4. [VSP-511]: Cannot change Bar chart mode between stacked/group

For some configurations the option was missing to switch between stacked/group charts

5. [VSP-390]: Vizlib Bar Chart does not use number format provided

Alternative formatting was being applied under certain formatting configurations

6. [VSP-438]: Vizlib Bar Chart missing some stacked bars inside minichart preview

Some bars in the minichart preview were missing 

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