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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.2.0 released!

1. [VZB-1340]: User-resizable columns

Users can now update (when enabled) the Vizlib Pivot Table column width

2. [VZB-381]: Column sizing improvements, relative width options added

New option

3. [VZB-1076]: Implement export to Excel (XLSX)

Exports are now available in the more secure XLSX format, also allowing more data in an export

4. [VSP-516]: Copy cell value in context menu

You can now right-click and copy an individual cell using Qlik Sense context menu

1. [VZB-1382]: Alignment is not respected on export

Text alignment properties were not applied within an excel data export

2. [VSP-481]: Download as Data dialog - change "ok" button to "close"

Updated the download dialog to improve clarity

3. [VSP-521]: Update calculation condition to accept -1 as a true value 

Calculation condition now accepts -1 as a value

4. [VSP-488]: Pivot Table Alignment

There was a misalignment in the top header of the extension object, which was misaligned by 1px

5. [VZB-1339]: Calculation Condition does not update after upgrade to 2.x.x

Some calculation conditions were not visible or being applied after upgrade

6. [VZB-1267]: Conversion between Vizlib Table and Pivot Table does not work

Properties of the old object type are shown (the extension appears to remain as the extension before conversion)

Known limitation:

You may need to clear your cache if you receive an "Invalid Extension" error in Qlik Sense

 Vizlib Pivot Table Documentation  

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