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Pivot Table Horizontal Scroll Bar Alignment for column(top) dimension - default right(end)


The idea is to be able to set the horizontal scroll bar initial/default position for a pivot table (and even straight table) all the way to the right(end). 

It is the case with a long pivot table with Year-Month as column(top) dimension. 

The client wants to see the Year-Months in ascending order started from left, which means that the interesting data (last months) is way to the right. 

This setting of scroll bar is already available for native Qlik Sense Line and Bar Chart. It is called Scroll Alignment (Start/End)

Thank you. 

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, I can understand the benefit of this requirement. it is always important to guide users to the right data without requiring their input. I've marked this as planned and we'll look into how we can achieve this

  • I'm glad to let you know that we just released a new version of the Vizlib Pivot Table (version: v2.4.0) that includes your feedback from this ticket.

    Please, find the release changelog below:
    Vizlib Community changelog

    Thank you for making Vizlib better! :-)


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