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[PivotTables] Save configuration


I would like to know if there is a possibility that you add the option to save the selected configuration, such as bookmarks of the object, for example, select dimension 1, dimension 2, measure 1 and save it as bookmark 1 of the object itself and that also take into account in the saved configuration, which were the pivoted columns, so it shows the object in the same way as it previously saved.

This would allow us to replace other tools, such as Panorama Necto, allowing us to bring many more users to QlikSense.



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  • Hi Facundo

    Thanks for the suggestion - this is very similar to the Climber Custom Report which is available to download in the user portal. Would you like to give that a try?

    Entire configurations (selections, dimension & measures) are stored as bookmarks in the Custom report, it sounds like it would fulfill the requirement

  •  +1 to the idea - this would be a shortcut to having users create their own objects if the configuration of Alternatives, sizing, dimension/measure order, etc. could be saved. Since our base requirement is still a pivot, I don't think we're going to be able to get the job done using Climber Custom Report - it's not robust enough for the pivots we tend to create.

    We are already able to achieve the same result by having users duplicate the existing report and making their own version, but being able to save it as a bookmark, for example, would make their life easier and cut down on the number of personalized objects that might break when an app is changed.

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