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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.2.1 released!

1. [VZB-1554]: Extended formatting for "Formatted Export to XLSX"

Improved support for colored symbol indicators and cell colors

New option to Export to Excel as Text or Value

1. [VSP-577]: Upgrading from 1.7.6 to 2.2.0 removes calculation condition message

The calculation condition message was not appearing in after upgrading to version 2.x.x

2. [VSP-579]: Cell alignment incorrect in edit mode, after adjusting 

Cell alignment between headers and rows was not correctly aligned during adjustment when in edit mode

3. [VZB-1470]: After using wizard, dimension/measure settings shouldn't be affected

Some settings in the new wizard were updating to the default values in the wizard after saving

4. [VSP-546]: Undefined property error message when using the drop-down dimension filter

There were errors thrown in some cases when using the drop-down dimension filter

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