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VizLib Table: Allow Dimesion Text to be treated as URL

The standard Qlik table allows dimensions to be URL. For VizLib table, it takes several more steps to replicate this behaviour:

  • Create a dimension
  • Hide the dimension from view
  • Create a measure using the same expression/field as the dimension
  • Set text type as URL

It's counter-productive to have to do additional steps to make the same happen in VizLib table as compared to the single step in the standard Qlik table. VizLib plugin should be better than the standard, not worse.

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  • In second step, 'Hide the dimension from view" is mentioned. How to hide a dimension, that is added into Data

  • Set column width to 0px.

  • Hello, 

    Please add this feature. Adds a huge amount of functionality if your ticket list can link to the actual ticket in that application.

    Thanks in advance!

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