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ClimberCustomReportPlus: Export of Total for Table

Could it be possible to export the Total also with the Table?

Now it's possible only with Pivot.

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  • ¬†This might get picked up here:

    There's an in-progress request to allow formatted export (including totals) in regular (non-pivot) tables.

  • Hi Gianpiero

    Thanks for sharing your valued feedback in the community!

    As Or has mentioned, we will soon have this feature available soon, in the Vizlib Table. This feature already exists in the Vizlib Pivot Table.

    Since the feature is already here, it is more likely that we will bring the Vizlib Table to the Climber Custom Report as a visualisation option, therefore making this feature available in the Climber Custom report via the Vizlib Table. We'll update this post once we have progressed this conversation internally - marking this as deferred since it is not officially planned, nor denied... but it looks promising

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