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Straight Table - Wrap Text or Ellipsis Option

Please add an option to the Vizlib straight table that allows for cells to either wrap text and increase row height when exceeding cell width (current behaviour) or show an ellipsis without increasing row height.

This option is available for the Vizlib pivot table extension under Appearance->Rows(Left Cells) or Columns(Right Cells)-> Cells Text->Wrap Text, with a choice of Ellipsis or Wrap. This setting doesn't seem to be available for straight tables.

Thank you!

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  • Partial workaround for you while you wait - you can use CSS styling to prevent a column from wrapping. You won't get the Ellipsis option, though - the text will just continue until it gets cut off. You can still hover over the text to see the full thing.

    Use the CSS property:

    'white-space: nowrap'


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