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Hi Team,

I noticed there is a feature missing in vizlib line chart where it exists in native chart. Whenever I select a value in the legend of native chart, I can see the selected line and legend will become highlighted and the rest of the lines will be transparent. However this behaviour is not happening in vizlib line chart.  The highligh in vizlib only works for hover. May I kindly ask you to look into this.



(76.1 KB)
(52.9 KB)
  • Hello Team,
    I have the same issue with the highlighted selection as described above. It would be super useful if you could look into that.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Metti

    Thanks for raising a feature request! As you can see I have selected a value in the legend and this is highlighted. Is this what you are referring to?

  • Hi Piers,

    Thanks for reply.

    This is exactly what I want but that highlight only works if I hover on selected value. If I select a value and hover on other object, the highlights get disapear. In native chart, the highligh stays until I approve the selection no matter if I hover on other objects.

    I am also using the latest version of line chart.

    Should I change any setting to keep the highlight?



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