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Master items library

We have a lot of modules in our solutions which are common across apps and we use Master items extensively in order to enable self service users. Currently we need to replicate the Master dimensions and measures in each app.

We are looking for a supported extension which would provide a Library where one can import or export Master Items. Please would you consider?


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  • Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    Building more developer-focused tools like this is on our roadmap internally, but this is longer term. We're still pushing the boundaries with the visualizations themselves. For now I'll defer this and pick this back up as a requirement when we begin our journey on dev tools within Qlik Sense. Love the idea

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  • Following up on Piers comment, it's also very likely that Qlik will release such a feature themselves in the near future.

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  • Hi Martin and Piers¬†

    I am going through my Vizlib correspondence looking for something else and came across this discussion which was almost a year ago. @Martin Mahler, do you know if Qlik is any closer to releasing this feature??

    Regards -


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