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VizLib Combo Chart


I was wondering if it would be possible to look into adding a stacked barchart + line graph option in the Vizlib Combo Chart. 

I have training data by Cost Centre that can be either Completed, Overdue, Incomplete. I have these as separate measures as bar charts, and one other measure which is % Completed on time - this is on the secondary axis and is a line chart. 


It would be a much better visual to have the 3 bar chart measures stacked on top of each other, coloured green, amber and  red (Completed, Incomplete, Overdue ) and then the % complete on the secondary axis as a line, especially when there are a lot of cost centres to view.


I hope that made sense - would this be possible to add? I have a lot of instances where I would like to use this.

And one other thing - Vizlib seems to have removed the  option on charts to show only the dimension title, and not the axis. This was an option with Qlik - when you have data labels in a chart, you don't always need the axis, but the title is useful.

Many thanks.


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