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I was wondering if it would be possible to look into adding a stacked barchart + line graph option in the Vizlib Combo Chart. 

I have training data by Cost Centre that can be either Completed, Overdue, Incomplete. I have these as separate measures as bar charts, and one other measure which is % Completed on time - this is on the secondary axis and is a line chart. 


It would be a much better visual to have the 3 bar chart measures stacked on top of each other, coloured green, amber and  red (Completed, Incomplete, Overdue ) and then the % complete on the secondary axis as a line, especially when there are a lot of cost centres to view.


I hope that made sense - would this be possible to add? I have a lot of instances where I would like to use this.

And one other thing - Vizlib seems to have removed the  option on charts to show only the dimension title, and not the axis. This was an option with Qlik - when you have data labels in a chart, you don't always need the axis, but the title is useful.

Many thanks.


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  • Hey Caroline,

    Thank you for contacting us and apologies for the belated response.

    You'll be happy to know that yes it is possible to configure the Combo Chart to display bars as stacked.

    This can be done using the Stack option in the Bar Type. Please see the Below picture

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for your continued support 

  • Hi,

    In which version of the combo chart you can do this?

    I see the stack bars option in the bar chart but not in the combo. Moreover, to stack, we need at least a second dimension but I don't see a way to add it.

    Could you describe the process?



  • Hey Vincent, 

    You can do this is all versions of the combo chart,

    Please be aware as of this moment this option only becomes available once you put in a second measure

    So steps include:

    1. Add Combo extension to sheet
    2. Add a Dimension
    3. Add 2 or more measures
    4. Go to Appearance Tab, inside Appearance go to presentation
    5. You should see the Bar Type, Select Stack and your dimensions will stack upon each other

    I hope this helps 

  • Sorry, I cannot manage to reproduce see my video:

  • Hey Vincent please see by video attached.  Please note all measures have to have their representation time set to Bar

    I hope this helps

  • Sorry, I'm unable to see the video

  • I've edited my previous reply. You should be able to see the video now

  • Hi,

    Ok, I have reproduce, so, this is after having at least 2 measures represented in bars. 

    This is an interesting feature however, this is not exactly what we need.

    If, the company sells, for example, 3 different products only. I will be able to draw a line with our income and stacked bars for the quantity per product, with one measure per product using set analysis.

    However, if the company sells a variable number of products, I will be difficult to create as many measures as available product (difficult, not impossible using ranking functions for example). So, ideally, I would rather have a single measure, represented in stacked bars which implies that I have to select a specific dimension only linked to this measure. I know this sounds easy on the paper but sounds more challenging to develop.

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