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Vizlib Gantt Chart

 Hi, It will be useful to get a gantt chart like this, I have customers who demand that kind of chart. Would it be possible to implement in a future?


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  • Hi Jose

    Our Vizlib Gantt will be similar, but may not follow the same style shown in the reports. The plan for us is to have a high-quality initial release (of course with traditional customisation capabilities of Vizlib Extensions) and gather further feedback from users after the initial release.

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  • Hello Piers, 

    Could you let me know when you expect to release Gantt extension? 

    Much appreciate!

    Denys Rabota

  • Hi Denys,

    I'm sorry but we are unable to provide an ETA until we are close to or have released the extension!

    Updates will be shared here in future

  • The Vizlib Gantt is planned to be released in December 2019

    Previews will be shared here in future...

  • All other Gantt charts extensions I've tried out has a limit on how many rows can be loaded into the extension. If you put in a limit as well, I hope you will put in an option for a filter on data like a data set type. But I would prefer that it is not neccessary to include the limitation.

  • The Vizlib Gantt has landed! Download it here: 

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