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Dynamic Annotations in Vizlib line chart

I’ve a requirement to highlight all the data points that are having high risk(i.e. big bubbles). I want to see annotation on every big bubble. But unfortunately, I couldn't figure it how to do it. These big bubbles will be get changed based on user selections. I can see that we can add one annotation for one data point. But I want to see annotations on all data points which met condition dynamically. Could you please add dynamic annotation feature in line chart. It helps to highlight the data points on the chart.

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  • Hi Raj!

    Dynamic annotations sounds really cool and I was in need of this kind of solution for some of our internal applications. We'll see how feasible this is, we will definitely want to keep our existing annotations functionality

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  • Okay and I want to see bubbles legend also in legend of the line chart. Even this feature isn't available.

  • Can you share an example of what you mean? Our legend currently includes the symbols shown on the lines

  • I mean the bubble legend, please check the screenshot of Degree of Anomaly bubbles.

    (8.37 KB)
  • Hi Piers, could you please give ETA for Dynamic annotations that you are going to add as a feature in Vizlib line chart.

  • Hi Raj,

    We review these regularly and cannot commit to all feature requests. We try to pick the features that provide the most value for all of our customers. Once a feature request is picked, it will be marked as planned, in progress, then implemented. 

    Once we review this internally, we'll update the status. We are not able to provide ETAs for feature requests since we adjust our plans for feature requests to suit demand across all of our customers

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