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Bar Chart - Label Totals

We would like to have the ability to show totals in a chart as seen in the attached image.

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  • Hey Brian,

    Thanks for this suggestion, it would be great to have something like this in the Vizlib Bar Chart!

  • Piers,  How do we get this request fulfilled?

  • Hi Brian

    We're reviewing this idea internally and will update the ticket soon, thanks for your patience

    I would propose something more like the below:


  • Looking good so far, marked as planned now!

  • Pier, Do you have and ETA for this?

  • Hi Piers,

    Good to have feature of showing total bar in a bar chart.   We have received this feedback from multiple users..  Can you let us know if you have an ETA for this?

  • Hi Brian & Hema

    I hope you can understand, we can't provide accurate ETAs for feature requests. We think this is extremely valuable (especially for our internal apps) and aim to deliver this as soon as we can

  • Hi All,

    This was implemented in version 2.2.0 of the Vizlib Bar Chart

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