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Vizlib Table v3.4.2 released!

1. [VZB-1620]: Merge cells where dimension values are duplicated

Dimension cells with the same text can now be merged. This setting can also be disabled per dimension (see bottom GIF below)

2. [VSP-592]: Add options for vertical borders customization 

Resolves issue: No side borders on the cells

3. [VSP-616]: "Select all from Table" check box inside the Vizlib Table wizard 

Now part of the Vizlib Table Wizard, you can select all from tables

1. [VSP-639]: Selections not rendering in table search dropdown when multiple apps are used

When multiple apps were in use, the search dropdown in the dimension header was not working for the 2nd app

2. [VSP-477]: VizLib Table won't export values that are hidden

Now exporting values that are hidden using "Visibility Condition"

3. [VSP-381]: Vizlib Table mini (line) chart - data points not visible

Minichart datapoints were not visible in some configurations

4. [VSP-395]: Vizlib Table - Minichart data value tooltip number not formatted 

Minichart data now formatted

 Vizlib Table Documentation  

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